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I've been invited by Verything and to take part in a ‘Made To Be’ blogger challenge, and I've been given the task of choosing one of's home products to demonstrate how I'd incorporate the piece into my home. If I'm chosen as a winner from among other design bloggers, I'll get the item delivered straight to my door for me to keep!

The most difficult part about this challenge is actually choosing which piece to choose, work with fresh design talent to create unique stylish pieces of furniture at affordable prices, and there's so much to choose from!
I'm currently torn between the ever so useful Dorso stacking stools that can double as side tables, and have an industrial feel to them which I love, or the very stylish Cornell desk inspired by classic mid-century design and available in three colours, which would fit perfectly (I know this because I have checked the dimensions) into my small and currently unfinished home office that I have been doing up on and off for the past year.
All things considered while I really love the Dorso stacking stools, I think my home office would really benefit from one stand out statement piece such as the  Cornell desk. With a mid-century design to it, it really fits in nicely with the whole Nordic, Scandi look that I have fallen in love with.
As the desk is such a statement piece, the rest of the room can be kept simple using a neutral colour palette of grey white and black,  some texture from soft furs to add warmth and comfort, and a bit of up-cycling with painted tins, and a useful magazine storage area on wheels, demonstrating that if you can only afford one great piece of furniture, you don't have to splash the cash on the rest of the room, combine it with some clever accessories and you'll have a great space to work in.

So that's how I would incorporate my chosen piece into my home, why not check out to see what you would choose and maybe even choose what makes in into the new collection on the VOTE page.
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  1. The grey / beige colour palette above is fantastic, it can never grow out of fashion. I'll take a look on, thanks.

    1. yes, I love the versatility of black and white, so easy to change when you fancy something new.

  2. Nice Post! Love the Scandinavian style and its simplicity. Though the Scandinavian style is about minimalism with the all time favorite monochrome palette, it sometimes gets difficult to select the right pieces to get the look. Doing up a office on Scandinavian style. Why not have a look and lets us know your precious view points as well? would love to hear you out:)


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