I love freebies in Magazines + Current Favourite Beauty Products.

I don't know about you, but I do love a freebie in a magazine, and let's face it, you pay next to £5.00 for one, so it's an added bonus if there is a decent gift tucked in the plastic cover to sway you into parting with your money.

Which brings me on to today's first beauty favourite of the moment, Radiance Facemask by Balance Me, it came with a magazine as a freebie and I love it, it polishes, hydrates and smoothes all in one, and can be used as a face mask as well, just leave it on the face for an extra few minutes.  It contains walnut shells to exfoliate and fruit acids to brighten the skin. I find it's a great skin pick me up when I'm looking a bit dull and those wrinkles are showing up more. 

The Second product is by Sanctuary,  The 1 Minute Radiance Flash Facial that does what it says on the tube basically, leaves your skin with a lovely healthy glow and tone to your skin. It contains no less than 3 different kinds of vitamin c including the extract from the superfruit Kakadu Plum, (never heard of) apparently the worlds highest source of vitamin C, and I like to use this after taking off my makeup at night, my skin always looks lovely after using Sanctuary products, love them, I must invest in some more. 

Have you tried any of these products?

Thank you whoever you are!

Hello folks, how the devil are you?   Yes, I know its been a while since I was last here, (apologies) so I was totally surprised when I got an email to say that I have been nominated for this Years Amara Interior blog Awards!  No badgering of family members this time around to enter me! 

It's been a busy year this year, since my daughter had a baby last August,  and just getting involved in Family life has taken much of my time, but I haven't totally  forgotten or given up on my blog, in fact I have been toying with the idea of starting a new blog, as over the years my focus has shifted and changed, (which I think happens to many bloggers along the way) and I now find my self enjoying other topics such as beauty products and skin care, and of course thing like finding a handbag which can accommodate baby paraphernalia, and buying baby car seats and buggies etc.(I'm a very hands on Nanny who goes by the name of Meme )

Anyway, when I finally get myself sorted out, I'll be back here or here, or both, sharing projects, styling and recommending products to you, some to do with interiors and DIY some to do with babies and some to do with beauty! 

Who doesn't Want a Whiter Brighter Smile?

I think ideally we would all want to have a natural white bright smile, for one, it can knock years off you, making your smile look brighter and fresher, and another, it can boost your confidence no end even if you don't have the perfectly straight Hollywood set of teeth.

So I've been drawn in by all those facebooks photos and reviews showing their before and after photos of how this Toothpaste AP 24 from Nu Skin can help create a whiter brighter smile without using bleach or abrasive ingredients, and I bought myself a tube or two, one for myself and a couple for other family members who wanted to give it a go.

I must admit at first I was sceptical as to whether it would work or not, but after a week of using it, my smile did appear to be brighter and fresher, my teeth feel and look like I have had a really good scale and polish at the dentist but for a fraction of the price.  Even my Husband noticed my smile was brighter, and he didn't know I was using it!  

If you have a natural milky white tone to your teeth like I do, I don't think you are going to get a truly whiter smile, but certainly an improved brighter smile, which does make them appear to be whiter, and this is down to the light reflecting particles in the toothpaste.

My other family members who have also tried it, one a heavy coffee drinker who has a bit staining from the coffee and the other a coke-a-cola drinker who has a similar problem, both have noticed improvements in their teeth over the course of a month or so.

The only negative about it, is that it's not as minty as most kinds of toothpaste, but all in all, I would recommend this,  maybe a bit pricey as far as  toothpastes go, it comes in at about £10.00, but when you think how much a scale and polish costs, then maybe it's worth it to have that just been to the dentist feel to your teeth every day.  :-)

Please note that I have become a distrubutor of these products, but this does not affect my review in any way.  You can see more products on my Facebook page here

Bank Holiday Ikea hack

If you’re looking for a quick and effective IKEA hack, to do over the long bank holiday weekend, then look no further! With some simple flat-pack building skills and a can of Rust-Oleum, the plain metal and tempered glass Ikea Vittsjö can go from mass-produced cheap to bespoke and unique in no time. 

Shimmering metallic tones give this desk a high-end edge, but if silver isn’t your thing and you’re ready to go beyond gold, why not update your desk with Rust-Oleum’s trend-setting millennial pink hue, Rose Gold Metallic. 
No one will ever guess where you got this pretty little number after this quick and easy DIY…

What you will need:
  • Rust-Oleum Rose Gold Metallic 
  • Rust-Oleum Surface Primer 
  • Ikea Vittsjö
  • Clean cloth or sponge 

1. Assemble the Ikea Vittsjö laptop table leaving the glass top to one side.

2. Move the metal frame out to a well-ventilated space and place on top of a large dust sheet or some old newspapers. You may want to cover the surrounding area with additional dust sheets/ newspaper to protect from spray mist.

3. Wipe the frame with a clean with a damp sponge or cloth and allow this to dry before proceeding to the next step.

4. Holding the can approximately 30cm away from the metal frame. Apply up two coats of Rust-Oleum Surface Primer, leaving at least four hours in between each coat.

5. Take your can of Rust-Oleum Rose Gold Metallic and shake thoroughly. Hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface of the frame and spray in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping with each stroke. For best results whilst spraying keep the can the same distance from the surface and keep the can in motion. Apply several light coats a few minutes apart.

6. Leave to dry in a well ventilated place for 24 hours.

7. Place the glass top on the finished frame and admire your brand-new expensive desk.

This article is brought to you by www.makeityours.co.uk 

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