Ways to lift your mood during LockDown.

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well, how have you been coping in these unsettling times?  I think myself so lucky that we have a garden to sit out in and soak up the sunshine (when we get it) and we live in an area where we can take walks without having to dodge people.!  But even with our outdoor space (particularly when it's raining), I've had days where it has been difficult to lift my low mood, on those kinds of days  I've tried different things to bring a little joy and lift my spirits,  so I thought I would share with you a few things that I have been doing while at home.


1.Online shopping! yes, I did succumb to a bit of online shopping,  a girl needs a little bit of retail therapy especially when all the stores are closed in town,  my wish list on Amazon is a mile long!
I bought a few things to pamper myself, the first item is the Elemis Pro-collagen Cleansing Balm smells amazing and can be used as a face mask while soaking in the bath as well as a cleanser. Perfect for a bit of a pamper and self-care time.
     My hair is currently being saved by L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil until I can get a trim at the hairdresser, honestly, I didn't realise how dry my hair has been getting until I started using this. Total hair saver.  And last but not least a Neom Candle entitled Happiness, well how could I not go for one named Happiness, all organic and clean burning.

2. Next flowers, a bunch always lift my spirits when I'm in a bit of a funk, they add a pop of colour to the home and really lift my mood, nothing fancy, just some bought ones from the supermarket, or even some wild hedge flowers and tree blossoms placed in a vase to bring a bit of the outside in.
I also had a look at online flower subscriptions such as Freddies Flowers, I personally love their style and how every delivery comes with a little guide to arranging the flowers, sadly they currently do not deliver to my area, but worth a look, if you are in the UK.

3. I've really missed just popping to a tea room for an afternoon cake and cuppa while in lockdown so yes, I made banana bread, hasn't everyone?
A little therapeutic baking is good for the soul, and while it may not be the same as an outing to the tea rooms, we made do sitting in the garden with our tea and cake. It's also great for entertaining the kids for a while too.  (I was sure to do a few sessions with Joe Wicks on YouTube to balance things out though)

4. Speaking of Joe Wicks, yes I have been doing my fair share of YouTube exercisers, this is a sure way to lift the mood, I always feel so much better after doing some form of exercise, either a walk around where we live or a workout in the lounge.  You can pretty much find a work out for all levels
on YouTube, something for everyone so no excuse!

Amazon Gift Ideas for that Special Mother.

If you are fortunate enough to have a fabulous loving caring, will do anything for you kind of Mum, then you don't know how lucky you are, (or maybe you do) free taxi service, your number one supporter, shoulder to cry on, chief baby sitter, and the list goes on,  my Mum was all of the above and probably also my best friend, she was truly the glue that held our family together, sadly she is no longer with us any more and this time of year always makes me feel a bit sad seeing all the gift ideas and card in the shops, no matter how old you get you always need your Mum. 
 Don't forget to show your appreciation daily, and once in awhile spoil her,  you don't have to wait for Mothers Day, but if you need a little help looking for something special, then Amazon has got you covered, and a lot of items are free delivery with in the UK.


I think flowers always go down a treat no matter what time of year it is, to see the delivery van pull up outside with a big bouquet is always going to make Mum feel special.  Personally, I love a wild slightly free-spirited bouquet,  and this Cerise & Pink Alstroemeria is so pretty. But check  PostaBloom Flowers on Amazon for other arrangements. 

My daughter recently bought me this bracelet by Fossil so delicate and pretty, but I also picked out the one above in the picture also by Fossil,  rose gold is very popular at the moment, and sure to finish off any outfit perfectly,  and this bracelet also comes with a unique gift box. 

Who doesn't love a scented candle to enjoy the aroma of while relaxing with a cuppa or wallowing in a bath?  I remember buying a candle for my Mum while on a French school trip visiting St. Malo, and while all the other girls in my class were busy checking out the french talent, you could find me visiting all the little Homes and Interiors shops looking for something for my Mum to thank her for letting me go on the trip.  To this day if I get a whiff of a candle that smells the same, it takes me right back, my Mum kept it for years without burning it.  

If your Mum likes Jewellery and travelling then the Stackers Blush Pink Sleek Necklace Travel Jewellery Box is sure to be a winner, the perfect size for slipping into a travel bag, and you can also buy other options to stack together! 

And the final gift is the Elemis - A smoother-looking You - Dynamic Resurfacing because let's face it, who doesn't want to look smoother and younger, and Mums deserve a little pampering after all the running around they do. 

So there we are, no excuse now, and Amazon even makes buying easy for you! I hope I’ve given you some ideas even if you don’t get anything I mentioned!  :-)

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Spring Wish List.

Hello everybody! Are you as sick and tired of all this wind and rain as I am?  I can not wait for spring to come, and the shops would have us believe that it's tantalisingly close, what with all the lovely floaty dresses that are flying in and out of the store so quickly, I feel that if I don't strike while the iron is hot I'm going to miss out on them all! I'm such an indecisive shopper alway leaving it too late.  So I'm going through my wardrobe and seeing what I need then creating a spring wish list.  I had a bit of a de-clutter a couple of weeks ago and donated a few bags to our local Hospice charity shop who have been running a campaign with New Look, (I wrote about it here) so now I have a bit of a gap to fill clothes-wise.

To be honest, I'm more of a Jeans and top sort of girl (mum/nanny uniform, I'm always crawling around on my hands and knees with little ones) and I kinda feel overdressed in a dress, but popping on a pair of comfy trainers and a faux leather jacket, well I think I could do that, and it would be a nice look for a lunch date with girlfriends.  

What are you loving about the new spring styles this year? 

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