My Travelling Beauty Essentials.

When it comes to travelling, well let's just say that I'm not very good at travelling light, I like variety and all the comforts of home, and I hate to reach our destination and realise I forgot to pack something!   Most of the time we travel by car, which makes life much easier, just chuck everything into the boot, but this year for our family holiday we flew to the Algarve, and I discovered the joys of mini products to take away with me.

Cleansers and Creams

I'm already a big fan of Sanctuary Spa products, when I use them at home I can definitely see a difference in my skin complexion, and if I use a mask at night before bed, my skin looks so much more perky in the mornings.
For cleansing, I packed the Sanctuary Spa Forming Micellar Cleansing Water, the Radiance Exfoliator, which is great for sleuthing away dead skin, suntan cream and general grim of the day, and I also picked up a supercharged Hyaluronic face and Neck cream too, which I used at night, though you can use it during the day as well.

Moisturiser and Makeup

When it comes to makeup, its pretty much the same as it is when I'm at home, I just keep it natural looking, Garnier Ultra-Lift with SPF 15 is my base, then I use Nivea BB cream, and for summer, I had a bit of Benefit Dew The Hoola for a more summery look, a coat of Benefits they're Real Mascara,  which is a new found favourite, it's all-day staying power is fab, no late afternoon flacking going on, leading to two panda eyes!
 Then for my cheeks, it's my Primark cheap as chips bronzing powder that I bought last summer, it adds a lovely shimmer to cheeks, and comes in three strips, two darker shades and a highlighter. 

Body Lotions 

If I can't find my usual products in a mini travel size version, I just decant into a smaller pot or bottle,  (which you can by on Amazon) I do this with my Nivea Q10 body lotions, which I use after a shower in the mornings, and I do believe that it helps firm the skin, particularly as I've gotten older. 


My pet hate about holidays is bad holiday hair, so I do tend to take my own hairdryer, (hotel hair dryers are never strong enough for my locks)  and my GHD's to keep my hair straight, and L'orel Elnett to hold it in place,  if for some reason I can't dry and straighten, for instance after being in the swimming pool, then I run some kind of curl serum or jelly through to tame my wavery/curly hair. 
Shampooing is always a bit tricky when I'm on holiday because you never know what the local water is going to be like, so I pack a couple of travel size shampoos and conditioners with me, again hotel shampoos just don't make the grade for  my hair, Pantene smooth and sleek is my usual, but I also packed Charles Worthington Every Day Gentle conditioner, and Diamond Shine. 

Do you have any travel must-haves that you swear by and think are worth a try?  We are off to France for a long weekend in September, so will be packing it all with me again.  I could do with a good travel makeup bag for it all to go in though....

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Interiors Inspiration

These pictures have been sitting in the draft box for,  I don't know how long, and I have just literally been checking out the link to see if it's still working, and it does!  If you fancy a bit of Nordic/Scandi interiors inspiration on a wet Sunday evening, go check out the rest of the site, it's a Swedish estate agents called 55 Square, specializing in small spaces.

The top two photos caught my eye as my Daughter  and son-in-law have done something very similar in their bedroom using old pallet boards 

here 55 square feet

A Few Summer Favourites...

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Hello, folks how you doing?  So here I am with my first real post in a long while, and I'm calling it a 'Summer Favourites' post,  I've just come back from a lovely family holiday in the Algarve, with my family, seven adults and one toddler to please, (maybe I'll write about it all) going away with your adult children and their other halves, and a toddler in tow is not the same as a normal family holiday I can tell you, so many people to please, anyway, we survived,  and it was while in the Algarve that I found this lovely little classic red stripe T in Primark, there's a huge shopping Mall  in Albufeira right next to an IKEA, (which I didn't get to visit, just as well really because we flew, and not much room in a suitcase for flat packs) so we did a bit of retail therapy while there, I should have bought two of these lovely stripe t's as I managed to pull 3 small holes in it! but its become a summer favourite holes or not, I also like it because it has a lovely loose fit, not clingy at all, and a ridiculous price of something like £6,  a bought a size 12, which I usually find runs small in Primark, but this one is just perfect, did I mention it has become a summer favourite? 

T-Shirt Primark
Earrings and Bangle *Perditi*
White Jeans Oasis 
Body Washes *Molton Brown*
Plant B&Q

When it comes to jewellery, I go with the 'less is more' look, and  like to keep it simple, with something small and dainty, plus my ears are allergic to anything other than gold,  so the new Danish brand, Perditi is right up my street, with these little minimalistic Amoti earrings. are perfect for me. They also have a collection of leather shoppers and wallets too, as well as watches, the brand is slowly growing, so is one to watch if you like quality at an affordable price.

Our local Molton Brown store in Jersey has recently undergone a complete shop makeover, and now has the best air conditioning on the high street! It also smells divine when you enter, due to all the lovely Fragrances and candles available,  and with a need to feel fresh and fragrant in this lovely summer sunshine, (it has reached a sticky 27 degrees here in jersey) these  body washes are perfect for home, and also for  holiday travel as the miniature ones contain 30ml, which in most cases can be carried in your hand luggage. 
There are so many Fragrances to choose from its hard to pick a favourite, but the Coco and Sandalwood, and Gingerlilly are  mine, and not forgetting the men, there is a dedicated men's range to keep the chaps happy too.

White jeans and summer are a perfect marriage, aren't they? but does anyone else have a  problem with white jeans like I do, or am I just fussy?  I couldn't find a pair that didn't look like leggings on me, and  cling to my inner thighs in the most unflattering way, I  can get away with it in blue denim jeans, but not in a white jean, but I finally found these ones from Oasis, (now on sale) a skinny leg that wasn't like a legging, and didn't cling in all the wrong places.  Winner!

So there you go my summer favourites so far, what's top of your list for summer, have you tried the jumpsuit yet?  I tried but think it was a big fat fail, maybe I'll share it on Instagram for some constructive criticism.......😁 

Hello there, yes its been a while

Hello there, yes its been a while, what can I say, I've procrastinated for long enough, now its time to take the blog by the horns and jump back in!

Actually I've written and re-written this post more times than I can remember, I've toyed with the idea of starting a whole new blog, changing the name of this one, or just giving up altogether, because I'm not sure in which direction to take this blog any more, mostly because a lot has changed over the last couple of years, my interests have changed, and my family life has changed, particularly since becoming a grandmother nearly 20 months ago, (althougth I dont go by the name of Granny or Nanny, that sounds far too old, I prefer to go by the name of Meme) and now my home is full of toddler paraphernalia, and a packet of wet wipes on every surface, (they have many uses you know) not that I'm complaining, I love being very hands-on in my Granddaughters life, (I look after her 4 mornings a week) it just means that my priorities and interests have taken a slightly different turn, I'm no longer obsessed with interiors and decor, (well not completely anyway) these days I find myself shopping for toddler toys and clothes, and spending my days running around after a soon to be 2-year-old! But I have other interests that I want to pursue, such as keeping fit, anti-ageing products and makeup in general, and practical budget-friendly fashion, to name but a few, and so I have decided to stick with this blog, but don't be surprised if it's not all about interiors any more, and so I hope you will stick around to see how it all unfolds. xx
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