24 August 2016

A Bit of Cushion Plumping...

If you follow my Instagram feed you might know that I recently shared a giveaway by illustrator Abi Overland to win one of her grey piped Neverland Cushion Covers from her new collection and guess what?! I entered and won !  I'm a bit of a fan of Abi's work, I already own one of her prints, and she was also guest a while ago here on the blog, I highly recommend you take a look at her work, I think she has some new project in the pipeline, so definitely one to watch. 

20 August 2016

Tips to Help Sell a Basement Flat.

1& 3. Clementine Photography SaraLou Francis 2. Pinterest  4. Pinterest 5. Studio Naya

My Nephew is in the process  of  selling a one bedroom  basement flat,  which is currently being advertised   with a local estate agent here, (it's been on with a previous agent already with no luck) it is a perfectly good little flat,  the problem in my mind is that the flat is being shown empty and is totally devoid of any features or personality, so as the interiors obsessed Aunt that I am, I have come up with some tips for styling a basement flat to sell. 

Basement flats are notorious for having  a bad name for themselves, perceived as being  dark, damp, with low ceiling height, etc, and yes they are what they are, but with a bit of clever styling and lighting they can be anything but dark and damp.   Taking the images above as inspiration this is what I suggest.

Walls: I suggest painting all the walls white, (currently the walls are a magnolia colour with darkish wallpaper running along one wall)  46% of buyers are put off by dark and dingy spaces, but you can purchase special light reflecting paints these days that will help capture any available light and bounce it around the room.  Consider adding colour by papering an alcove, or leaning a large colourful canvas against a wall.  This will instantly brighten up the room and make photographs much more appealing to potential buyers.

Flooring: The floor is currently a good quality laminate, but adding a large textured  neutral rug will ground the living area, and define it.

Furnishing the flat:  In a basement with low ceiling proportion is key to making it feel spacious,  a sofa that has a relatively low back to it will work much better than a large chunky one. Again add warmth and texture with cushion.
If like this flat you don't have period features, introduce a few quirky items that  add personality, and make the space feel loved and interesting. Buyers typically need to get that all important feeling when entering a home. 
Furnish the bedroom in a simple neutral scheme, again add quirky touches to a dressing table.

Back Yard 
Any outside space is a big plus with a town property even if it is just a yard, the flat my Nephew is selling has one very similar to the one you can see in the top photo, but by adding a few lights plants and some tables and chairs, it brings the space to life and suggests a lifestyle. 

My tips for finding ways of styling a property on the cheap
  • Beg or borrow off family and friends,
  • Use what you already have in the way of accessories and furnishings
  • Look out for Free-Cycle items on websites and facebook pages,  old drawers can be repainted,  a double bed can be covered over with lovely bedding and throws, and as no one is going to sleep in it, it's not too important what it looks like underneath it all.
  • Use plants to add life and movement to a room, even fake ones can make a house feel lived in and loved. 

12 August 2016

Amara Interior Blog awards 2016.

If you haven't heard already the Amara Interior Blog Awards are back for another round of blog celebrations, and I'm happy to say that I have been nominated again this year!  If you like what I do here, I would really love to have our vote, I'm currently nestled in amongst some fab bloggers in the category of 'Best Design  Inspiration' blog.  To vote for me just follow this link and fill in the simple form and that's it job done!  Thank you so much for your support. 

18 July 2016

summer recipes to try .

Yes, I'm taking a trip to visit our sister Island of Guernsey, and by all accounts, it's going to be a scorcher of a week!  So beaches here we come! In the mean time while I'm away, how about checking out some great summer food recipes to try out.

28 June 2016

Our Family is Expanding! Simple Nursery Makeover.

1. Alvhem via  planete-deco.fr  2. bolig Liv 3.planete-deco.fr   4. Pinterest

Technically my Daughter is doing the expanding,  yes there is a baby on the way, and I am going to be (and I hate to use this word because I'm far too young) a grandma!   I have decided that I am not going with the conventional name of Nanny or Grandma, but have chosen the much nicer title of MeMe.   A bit of a French influence and American I think, but so much nicer than grandma.

Anyway, we are counting down the weeks, (baby is Due August 11th.) and because we are currently a multi-generation household, (sadly their mortgage fell through last minute)  and I will probably be called on for babysitting duty when  my Daughter goes back to work, I'm planning a mini baby makeover for my office/spare room.  Nothing too drastic just a simple hint of baby in residence.  It's going to be part office, part baby space. 

27 June 2016

Must Do Monday.

Start the week off with some good vibes  my making a bloggers day, nominate your favourite blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards.! 

22 June 2016

A free flower arrangement.

When you want flowers but all that the garden can provide you with is
grass and weed...

21 June 2016

I'm Just Sayin.....

The 2016 Amara Interior Blog Awards will soon be here with the launch of the nominations stage on Monday 27 June, and you will be able to nominate your favourite interior blogs across thirteen categories ranging from Best Architecture Blog Award to Best DIY & Craft Blog Award........

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