A Few Summer Favourites...

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Hello, folks how you doing?  So here I am with my first real post in a long while, and I'm calling it a 'Summer Favourites' post,  I've just come back from a lovely family holiday in the Algarve, with my family, seven adults and one toddler to please, (maybe I'll write about it all) going away with your adult children and their other halves, and a toddler in tow is not the same as a normal family holiday I can tell you, so many people to please, anyway, we survived,  and it was while in the Algarve that I found this lovely little classic red stripe T in Primark, there's a huge shopping Mall  in Albufeira right next to an IKEA, (which I didn't get to visit, just as well really because we flew, and not much room in a suitcase for flat packs) so we did a bit of retail therapy while there, I should have bought two of these lovely stripe t's as I managed to pull 3 small holes in it! but its become a summer favourite holes or not, I also like it because it has a lovely loose fit, not clingy at all, and a ridiculous price of something like £6,  a bought a size 12, which I usually find runs small in Primark, but this one is just perfect, did I mention it has become a summer favourite? 

T-Shirt Primark
Earrings and Bangle *Perditi*
White Jeans Oasis 
Body Washes *Molton Brown*
Plant B&Q

When it comes to jewellery, I go with the 'less is more' look, and  like to keep it simple, with something small and dainty, plus my ears are allergic to anything other than gold,  so the new Danish brand, Perditi is right up my street, with these little minimalistic Amoti earrings. are perfect for me. They also have a collection of leather shoppers and wallets too, as well as watches, the brand is slowly growing, so is one to watch if you like quality at an affordable price.

Our local Molton Brown store in Jersey has recently undergone a complete shop makeover, and now has the best air conditioning on the high street! It also smells divine when you enter, due to all the lovely Fragrances and candles available,  and with a need to feel fresh and fragrant in this lovely summer sunshine, (it has reached a sticky 27 degrees here in jersey) these  body washes are perfect for home, and also for  holiday travel as the miniature ones contain 30ml, which in most cases can be carried in your hand luggage. 
There are so many Fragrances to choose from its hard to pick a favourite, but the Coco and Sandalwood, and Gingerlilly are mine, and not forgetting the men, there is a dedicated men's range to keep the chaps happy too.

White jeans and summer are a perfect marriage, aren't they? but does anyone else have a  problem with white jeans like I do, or am I just fussy?  I couldn't find a pair that didn't look like leggings on me, and  cling to my inner thighs in the most unflattering way, I  can get away with it in blue denim jeans, but not in a white jean, but I finally found these ones from Oasis, a skinny leg that wasn't like a legging, and didn't cling in all the wrong places.  Winner!

So there you go my summer favourites so far, what's top of your list for summer, have you tried the jumpsuit yet?  I tried but think it was a big fat fail, maybe I'll share it on Instagram for some constructive criticism.......😁 

Hello there, yes its been a while

Hello there, yes its been a while, what can I say, I've procrastinated for long enough, now its time to take the blog by the horns and jump back in!

 Actually I've written and re-written this post more times than I can remember, I've toyed with the idea of  starting a whole new blog, changing the name of this one, or just giving up altogether,  because I'm not sure in which direction to take this blog any more,  mostly because a lot has changed over the last couple of years, my interests have changed, and my family life has changed, particularly since becoming a grandmother nearly 20 months ago, (althougth I dont go by the name of Granny or Nanny, that sounds far too old, I prefer to go by the name of Meme)  and now my home is full of toddler paraphernalia, and a packet of wet wipes on every  surface, (they have many uses you know)  not that I'm complaining, I love being very hands-on in my Granddaughters life, (I look after her 4 mornings a week)  it just means that my priorities and  interests have taken a slightly different turn, I'm no longer obsessed with interiors and decor, (well not completely anyway)  these days I find myself shopping for toddler toys and clothes, and spending my days running around after a soon to be  2-year-old! But I have other interests that I want to pursue, such as keeping fit, anti-ageing products and makeup in general, and practical budget-friendly fashion, to name but a few, and so I have decided to stick with this blog, but don't be surprised if it's not all about interiors any more. :-) and so I hope you will stick around to see how it all unfolds. xx

I love freebies in Magazines + Current Favourite Beauty Products.

I don't know about you, but I do love a freebie in a magazine, and let's face it, you pay next to £5.00 for one, so it's an added bonus if there is a decent gift tucked in the plastic cover to sway you into parting with your money.

Which brings me on to today's first beauty favourite of the moment, Radiance Facemask by Balance Me, it came with a magazine as a freebie and I love it, it polishes, hydrates and smoothes all in one, and can be used as a face mask as well, just leave it on the face for an extra few minutes.  It contains walnut shells to exfoliate and fruit acids to brighten the skin. I find it's a great skin pick me up when I'm looking a bit dull and those wrinkles are showing up more. 

The Second product is by Sanctuary,  The 1 Minute Radiance Flash Facial that does what it says on the tube basically, leaves your skin with a lovely healthy glow and tone to your skin. It contains no less than 3 different kinds of vitamin c including the extract from the superfruit Kakadu Plum, (never heard of) apparently the worlds highest source of vitamin C, and I like to use this after taking off my makeup at night, my skin always looks lovely after using Sanctuary products, love them, I must invest in some more. 

Have you tried any of these products?

Thank you whoever you are!

Hello folks, how the devil are you?   Yes, I know its been a while since I was last here, (apologies) so I was totally surprised when I got an email to say that I have been nominated for this Years Amara Interior blog Awards!  No badgering of family members this time around to enter me! 

It's been a busy year this year, since my daughter had a baby last August,  and just getting involved in Family life has taken much of my time, but I haven't totally  forgotten or given up on my blog, in fact I have been toying with the idea of starting a new blog, as over the years my focus has shifted and changed, (which I think happens to many bloggers along the way) and I now find my self enjoying other topics such as beauty products and skin care, and of course thing like finding a handbag which can accommodate baby paraphernalia, and buying baby car seats and buggies etc.(I'm a very hands on Nanny who goes by the name of Meme )

Anyway, when I finally get myself sorted out, I'll be back here or here, or both, sharing projects, styling and recommending products to you, some to do with interiors and DIY some to do with babies and some to do with beauty! 

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