Test driving the VonHaus Oscillating Multi Tool

So here is one of the last jobs that has been on the to do list from our bathroom make over for a while now. Neither myself or my Hubby where particularly over joyed at the thought of sanding down the sash window in the bathroom ready for re-painting, all those wooden pane dividers to sand.... So having been  given the VonHaus Oscillating Multi Tool to test drive was just the incentive needed to get back on track.

I have to admit that when I first clapped eyes on the VonHaus Oscillating Multi Tool  I thought that the accessories where a little on the small side, but after announcing on my Facebook page  that I would be test driving it, I was relieved to discover that a friend of mine already had one, and loved it!
and after using it to sand down the window and all its individual panes with great ease, well lets just just say that size isn't everything, and sometimes small and perfectly formed is much better in certain situations!  

The universal accessory dock makes its simple and easy to attach different accessories, (its basically a washer and bolt type attachment)  and the size and weight in this  instance was a plus, making it easy to handle and hold for any length of time, the handy Velcro sanding pads are ideal to remove and turn for equal ware and more effective use, and the sander attachment made great ease of sanding down the windows, even with the oscillation rate  set to a low speed. 

For this job I would give the VonHaus Oscillating Multi Tool a BIG thumbs up, it was just perfect for this job.
I'll be back with more results of what this little guy can do next week, so be sure to check back soon! 

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  1. very cool tips, i really like this kind of tips , cheers mate

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