New Ventures to Try out In 2016 that can Make you Money.

Okay, hands up, who wouldn't like a bit of extra cash in their pockets in 2016?  Quite a of few of us apparently if  my Pinterest boards that I follow are anything to go by, and it got me thinking about ways of turning your interests hobbies and passions into a source of income,  so here are a few ideas that I have found that are nothing to do with scams or 'get rich quick schemes' that never work. 

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If you love Fashion and have a flair for helping friends and family with their outfits, and would love to run your own little fashion boutique but don't want all the hassle of an actual bricks and mortar shop, then here are a few alternatives for you. 

I first discovered Friendtex back last Summer while attending Jersey Fashion Week, a local event that was held at the Radisson Hotel to showcase local fashion boutiques and business. One of the exhibits was a Friendtex pop-up shop run by a local lady, Kathryn Filleul, the collection instantly caught my eye, trendy leather jackets, suede ankle boots, good quality items, a big thumbs up!

I thought Friendtex was a relatively new company but it was actually established in 1986! A Danish Fashion company with more than 900 fashion consultants in 13 European countries, its aim is to provide top quality fashion at reasonable prices in pleasant surroundings, through three different options, Party Plan, Home shop Consultant, or Retail Consultant. Thes options give you the flexibility to do as much or as little as you are able, a little extra cash, or turn it into a full-time business. Kathryn runs a shop from home but also does pop up shops at various locations around the island, and she has will be holding a fashion and beauty evening at Feel Unique in St. Helier on March the 10th.

So if you have ever dreamt of running your own little fashion boutique then check out the Friendtex website for more details.  

Stella & Dot
Stella & Dot sells fashion jewellery and accessories, and in my mind combines the best of both worlds, stylists have the option to sell through party plans and also have an online personal website, which is available in a number of currencies and a number of various shipping locations, making it more appealing to a wider audience.   It began life in 2003 by Jessica Herrin, a mother of two, and has grown steadily over the years, the jewellery is also a big hit with a fair few celebrities.  
To find out more just head to the website here

As with any of these of opportunities, you only get back what you put in, it takes time to build up a clientele and a following and can be just as time-consuming as a full-time job.  You will also have to bear in mind local taxes, and insurance if you intend to run a business from home.   But if it's something you have a passion for then it may just be the right kind of job for you.

If you know of any other interesting ways of making money from home do let me know... legal ones that is... :-)

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