Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to 2020! it's been a while since I was last here, how the devil are you?  Fine I hear you say, how are you and where have you been? (or maybe you're not wondering but for the purposes of this post just go along with it) well, thanks for asking, to be honest, I'm feeling a little frazzled and slightly stressed out, life has been a little hectic of late, we left 2019 with a leaking water tank in the attic, and we entered  2020 with tempory water until we can get a new tank replacement, why do they make attic hatches so blooming small, and how are you meant to get a new one up there?! 

Speaking of getting one up there, (going on to a whole new topic now) I booked myself in for a Colonic, never had one before, but the experience was going cheap on a local voucher page so I thought to myself "let's do this" The closest I've ever got to a colonic, is a bowel cleanse that I had to have a few years back for a  hospital check-up, a colonoscopy  (apologies if you are having breakfast or dinner or something) totally awful experience, but I remember that afterwards I lost a whole lot of weight and my digestion seemed to work so much better, so going off that experience I thought that I would give it a go, plus its meant to have several other benefits to the mind and body. Has anyone ever had a colonic? did you feel the benefits of it?   I'll let you know how I get on when I have mine because I'm sure you'll be interested in it. 😀

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