Tine K Spring/summer collection.

Personally I quite like this time of year,   what with the old year behind, and the new one stretched out in front of  me, then there is the  anticipation  of spring  just around the corner - I love the spring (I spotted  daffodils growing this morning as I drove my Daughter to work) and at this time of year there is also the anticipation of the Spring/Summer collections for the home that start to appear, and the fun of  picking out new things to add to my mine
The  Spring/Summer 'Pure' collection for 2012 by  Tine K certainly looks lovely, the colour palette this year looks light and airy, with pale pinks and blues, taupe's and graphite blacks.  Sadly I don't have anywhere local (apart form Guernsey) that sells the collection, but I always feel  inspired by  the styling and photography produced by the team at Tine K. 

I love this little collection above, what is it about a tray of bits and bobs... and string, I'm drawn to string - string and note books...

All Images Tine K home Spring/Summer 2012

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