Coppery Offerings.

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To be honest when the precious metals trend started to emerge some months back I wasn't sure it would be something that I would fall in love with instantly, spending time cleaning and buffing  brass isn't high on my list of fun things to do, but I've spotted a few ideas using coper that has made me sit up and pay attention. 
Coper, unlike brass and silvers has a much warmer tone to it, with its reddish/brownish colour its much more suited to the Autumn I think, and as the nights start to draw in, any surface that helps reflect light is always an added bonus. 

If you are looking for some cheap ways of injecting some coper into your interiors, then next time you are at your local DIY store, check out the plumbing department for some coppery offerings. Here's three examples of what you can achieve with some  plumbing bits and some lengths of round  wooden dowels. My personal favourite is the candle holder, this one is on my to do list, so simple, yet so effective.

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