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On Friday we are off to St. Malo France for a long weekend,  so today's Monday Must Haves is in the form of an IKEA shopping list as I hope to visit the IKEA store in Rennes. I haven't been for a while and it's long overdue, and as I only get one chance to visit over the weekend,  I need to be prepared and focused on what I want to get.   It's very easy to get overwhelmed  by the whole IKEA experience for us Jersey folk, and I have been known to go all that way and be like a rabbit caught in the head lights, spend far too long going around all the room sets only to run out of time to actually buy anything, one year I left with a can opener, and on another occasion I bought a frying pan!   So this time, I intend to be prepared.  I've created my Ikea Store shopping list online which I can then print off and be all ready for the big day ahead!

1. Set of Three Glass Vase/Bowl Set.

I love these glass vase/bowls, and I really like the idea that they can be stacked inside each other, perfect for some spring flowers to bring the outside in.  the price is amazing too, £17.00 for all three!

Image Livet Hemma

Image Trendenser Photography Frida Ramstedt

2. Set Of Six Desert/Drinks Glasses

I've been on the look out for some little glass pots like these for ages, something to put my Chia Seed pudding in,  these little glass pots are also suitable for hot drinks too which make them super versatile.

Pella Hedeby Livet Hemma

3. Black ClipBoards

Always handy for a number of uses around the home,  perfect as a noticeboard to hang schedules, recipes, shopping lists or fun pictures.  Looks lovely with mini fairy light strung around it too.

Pella Hedeby,  Livet Hemma

4. Pack of Two Black hanging Trellis

This trellis is meant to be used for plants outside, but I just love how it has been used here for hanging clothes and accessories from, a great idea for putting together an outfit, ready  for the morning rush don't you think? 

Livet Hemma

5. Glass Flip top Jar

I don't know what it is about these jars, but I love them, I think its' the flip top action or something, anyway, I'm slowly filling my cupboards with them for all my dry ingredients used for making porridge granola dust recipes from my Jamie Oliver Superfood book, they can be quite expensive and these IKEA ones are a bargain! 

6. Pink Velvet Cushions

And finally cushions are always on the list of  must-haves to get while at IKEA, you just can't have enough cushion in a home can you?   This spring I'm wanting to inject some pink into the living room and cushions are a quick and easy way of doing this without spending a fortune. 

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