Vipp for Baby and Child.

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Aren't these baby/children's rooms just lovely?  I wouldn't normally associate Vipp with a nursery or child's rooms, but as demonstrated here, Vipp products  perform perfectly for the needs of a growing child, and over time will be a wise investment too.

Products used here include:
Vipp 15 Bin
14 liter, black or white

Vipp921 shelf, small
black or white
H: 23 W: 50 D: 18,5 (in cm)

Vipp922 shelf, large
black or white
H: 23 W: 100 D: 18,5 (in cm)

From a safety point of view I personally would suggest mounting the  shelves a little higher in a toddlers room, above head height to avoid  bumps,  as the shelves are made of aluminium.

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