Seasonal Table settings.

Fire and Ice, Photography Adrian Briscoe Stylist Amanda Koster

Light up the Room, Photography Jake Curtis Stylist Sam Grigg

Natural Comfort, Photography Adrian Briscoe Stylist Amanda Koster

Even if you don't do the whole Christmas thing, (lets face it, its not everyone's favourite time of year) chances are you will probably be catching up with friends and family at some point during the holidays, so if you are looking for some table setting ideas with not a piece of tinsel insight, here's a few ideas from  Ikea family live magazine.
Pick a theme and decorate your table accordingly, you could take inspiration from a  woodland walk and use pine cones twigs and leaves to create a nature inspired table, or try a  fire and ice combination using candles against a white table cloth and decorate with glassware and silver, very chic.  


  1. When you've got any herbs in your garden you can make a little bouquet and also have a stunning fresh perfumewhile eating. (It's also possible to put some lemons on the table and scratch them a bit so that they release their fresh & clean scent!)

    1. umm that sounds wonderful, never though of scratching a lemon slightly to give off the smell! Thanks for the tip.


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