A few tips to welcome in spring.

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We  had two glorious days of sunshine yesterday and the day before, spring is in the air and all around,  I love the spring, it suits my colouring (red hair fair skin and freckles) and I also love how the light begins to change around the house as the sunlight slowly shifts from dishwater  grey and dull to ocean  blue and fresh, it feels so clean.  Push back the curtains and let the sunlight in!  Here's a few tips for spring revival around the home.

  • If you have curtains particullary white or light coloured ones take them down and give them a wash, we have a solid fuel fire at home and its surprising just how far the dust travels, and once cleaned the light just seems to flood in.  If you have dark curtains consider swapping them for light coloured one.
  • Add some green plants I love the large one above its makes a real statement and brings the outside in and the green helps the space feel fresh.
  • Cushions, I'm a big fan of them, and can't have too many of them in  my book, add some to the sofa in some summery shades to instantly uplift a space.
  •  A throw is always handy to have close at hand for chilly evenings until the warmer weather arrives.
What about you how do like to revive your home for spring?

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  1. The best thing about Spring is the gorgeous blossom on the trees and the sunny weather (well the rare sunny weather in the UK!). I love using mirrored furniture opposite windows to help spread the light and colours around.


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