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Is it just me or is there a baby boom going on right now, it seems I can't tune into a Blog Facebook page or Twitter without someone somewhere announcing that they are having a baby or just had a baby!  My Nephew and his wife are having one in July, my step daughter has a four month old baby girl, and of course blogger around the world seem to be popping them out too, and while I won't be joining this group of expanding bellies (at least not unless there is an accident) please  excuse me while I have a baby moment and enjoy some baby/kids spaces.  Here are three ways to decorate a child's space starting with white walls.

No.1 The Modern Traditional nursery

This lovely nursery was created by Holly Becker and her Husband, for the recent arrival of their baby boy. 
Holly has created a modern take on a traditional look using a mix of traditional and modern pieces of furniture, and the colour pallette is dictated by the colours in the wallpaper, which gives the space an over all traditional baby feel to it.  See the full transformation and how Holly set about creating this space here and here.
  • Tip You don't have to buy specific baby sized furniture, instead invest in some solid pieces that will grow with baby and can be adapted as time goes on, a set of drawers can be used as a baby changing station at first, but won't be made redundant once baby is out of nappies. 
  • A lovely shaggy rug gives a soft play area for baby to lay on and kick his/her legs around a little, while mum sorts through baby items. 

No.2 Fun Vibrant space

I love this colourful fun space, created by stylist Susanna Ventu, for her daughter, and photographed  by Petra Bindel for dwell.
The bunting gives the space a fresh fun feel and lots of soft plush toys and pillows give a snug place to roll around in and play.
  • Tip If you have high ceilings and you want to make them feel lower, hang a large light shade on a longer flex, and drape bunting, pom poms or paper chains across the ceiling.
  • In a playroom a vinyl floor gives a great surface for messy play time.  Easy to mop up spills and water play.

No. 3 Cosy and  Homely 

This space has  a lovely homely slightly worn  feel about it, items of furniture have been reused and given a new lease of life by the team from Livet Hemma.
  • Tip Check out selling sites for previously owned baby items, you can save a fortune, just make sure they are in good conditions and have no screw's ect missing. 
  • Box's are great for storage, and help encourage children from an early age to tidy way toys. 

So there you have it three childrens spaces three different ways, which is your favourite? 

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  1. Gorgeous design - I love using more daybed styles in kids rooms, as in the day they're more like play areas then. Laura @ Zurleys Retro Furniture


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