Its all about the boots, bout the boots....

Original image photography by ANGELA PHAM  here

Coat Ebay
Hat Joseph sold out but check out here for similar
Bag Etsy
Boots H&M

I spotted this outfit on the right  at the beginning of the year, and ever since I keep coming back to it, its one of those easy to wear outfits that when you can't think of anything to wear would be a wardrobe saver.  Simple jersey skirt, thick tights, trusty basic coat, and those little boots! I just love them.  Normally I don't like ankle boots with skirts, but these have that  little stick up tongue bit that just makes them perfect  with a skirt in my book! Its those little details that make the difference. (if you know of any like these please let me know) Add the accessory of the moment, a pom pom hat with the fluffiest of pom poms and you are ready to go.

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