Favorite Things From Out There Interiors

Working a Nordic/Retro style here with some favorite pieces picked out from Out There Interiors. The retro inspired  wicker chair reminds me of my child hood as I had a little red one just like it, and who doesn't love to take a swivel in an egg chair, seriously, I defy anybody to sit in one and not be tempted to give it a little twirl while pretending to be the leading guy or gal  in a James Bond film or such like, would you play the goodie or the baddie?
When it comes to glass ware, I've  noticed  a trend in faceted glass lately, and I love the two glass lamps pictured, particularly the Hexagonal one, which I'm sure would look fab when switched on.  

Copper hanging Planter £50.00 Egg Chair £370.00 Hanging cord light £70.00 Trolley with detachable tray  £195.00 Open cabinet £350.00 Grove pattern Glass lamp £140.00 Hexagonal pattern glass lamp £110.00 Rattan chair £220.00

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