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Do you ever have a blog Crush? you know, when you come across a blog, and you keep revisiting it over and over again, and you just can't get enough of it?  Well I have a blog crush at the moment, I think it sort of stems from my recent trip to France when we stayed in a tiny but lovely white light filled, floor to ceiling window's French apartment, then I recently came across this blog, by Camille who  is actually a fashion blogger, but she also has a few decor posts on her lovely french bohemian styled apartment, I'm currently totally smitten with the look.   Her fashion posts are pretty great too!

Camille has cleverly  used a mixture of budget friendly high street items from the likes of H&M with second-hand finds on the French website Bon Coin, which is like a Craigs list or Gum Tree type thing, and some junk shop finds.   Isn't it a great space?

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  1. Style Space and stuff is a home and lifestyle blog focusing on fashion interiors food decor and DIY. Aimed at being budget friendly it is all about creating a lifestyle that is kind to your pocket but equally stylish and trendy.


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