Laurel & Wolf Shelfie Challenge.

currently in the Living room.

I've been invited to take part in this fun little exercise on creating a magazine-worthy shelfie by Laurel & Wolf, now I don't actually have any shelf units in our home because we live in an old cottage dating bask to the 1800's where the walls are made out of sand and lime and they  don't take kindly to having nails driven into them, and the floor boards are so wonky anything with any height always stands with a list to one side a bit like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so I have to get a  bit creative with low units, sets of draws, the coffee table and window seats for displaying things on.

Previous displays (see more on Instagram)

Generally speaking, I don't really follow any rules, I just go with the flow, but I do like using books and piles of magazines for creating height, and I like to cluster things together like a mini display within a display, piling things together and layering,  and as you can see I change things around often, so it's good to have a cupboard with items and accessories that you can swap around from season to season or whenever you get bored of the current view.

Impromptu  Window seat styling.

If you struggle in creating a shelfie or any kind of display, then Laurel & Wolf have put together this useful  graphic on How to Style Your Shelfie to help inspire you and get the creative juices flowing, just have fun!

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