A bit of IKEA inspiration.

Lenskog Anna Belfrage  Photographer: Ragnar Ă“marsson

Use regular acrylic paint for glass and porcelain to create a splash effect on the  enamelled steel vase, set by placing in an oven.  (Follow manufacturer instructions)

Lenskog Anna Belfrage, Photo: Ragnar Ă“marsson

The traditional solid iron bed is making its way back into bedrooms with this update version from Ikea.

Pella Hedeby Photographer: Sara Medina Lind

The new Dance Hyttan lamp lends itself well to hang several in the group for a poetic eye-catcher when the light is reflected in the glass.

Having a family gathering  over the summer? why not personalise each table setting with a photo card. 

Helena North 


  1. Lo0ove the Dance Hyttan lamp! I recently got the Luminosa rustica lamp but now I'm starting to think that I need a new lamp for my home office as well ;D

    1. gotta love Ikea, there styling is always spot on, I love them hung in a cluster for impact.


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