Our Family is Expanding! Simple Nursery Makeover.

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Technically my Daughter is doing the expanding,  yes there is a baby on the way, and I am going to be (and I hate to use this word because I'm far too young) a grandma!   I have decided that I am not going with the conventional name of Nanny or Grandma, but have chosen the much nicer title of MeMe.   A bit of a French influence and American I think, but so much nicer than grandma.

Anyway, we are counting down the weeks, (baby is Due August 11th.) and because we are currently a multi-generation household, (sadly their mortgage fell through last minute)  and I will probably be called on for babysitting duty when  my Daughter goes back to work, I'm planning a mini baby makeover for my office/spare room.  Nothing too drastic just a simple hint of baby in residence.  It's going to be part office, part baby space. 

This is the space currently, and the aim is to paper one wall, paint the wardrobe white, add some simple shelves, replace the flooring with carpet, which is currently bare floorboards but they aren't in very good condition, then add some soft furnishing in the way of some pretty bunting, storage baskets, rugs cushions etc.   That's the plan anyway....


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  2. This is really beautiful room. This is wall mural?

    1. I think the wall covering in the top photos are wallpaper.


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