Plant of the Moment, the Sophora, and a charity shop find.

I've only ever seen these dainty little plants on the internet, that is until this week when I happened to spy one in my local Garden Centre, Ransoms, and seeing it up close in  its perfectly petite form did not disappoint, though I'm not sure what I loved the most, the packaging it came in or the plant its self! So I decided to keep the little brown paper bag as well.

I also found this lovely wicker/grass tray in a local Hospice charity shop which seems to be the perfect partner for the Sophora plant.  A quick tip for bringing a tray like this back to life is to spray liberally with some furniture polish, then use a soft bristle paint brush to get in between all the gaps getting rid of dust and debris, and it will come up as good as new. 👍 (I just discovered blogger has recently added emoji thingies too)

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