Easy Monday Supper

This supper is great for left over Sunday roast chicken, and is lightly based on Chicken Nasi Goreng from Waitrose which you can see here for how its meant to be.
If however you like to live life on the edge and wing it, here's my 'I haven't got all the right  ingredients' version.

Pack of Tilda pure Basmati rice
Omelette made with two eggs and a splash of milk.
Sliced red pepper
clove of garlic
couple of spoons of soy sauce
Asparagus tips sliced 
sprouting greens
tiny piece of dried chilli.
Left over chicken breast sliced. 

1.Make your Omelette, though I like to call mine a scrambled Omelette, because I can't seem to quite get it right. which doesn't really matter as its going to be shredded any way.

2.  Add oil to a wok and cook garlic and chilli, then add peppers greens and asparagus, for a few minutes, add chicken and heat through thoroughly.

3. Throw in rice, and cook until heated through, then add soy sauce and pour over a little honey.  Remove the dried chilli at this point, and stir in the shredded omelette, serve with a nice glass of chilled white wine...which I didn't have.....  

Food Styling and Photography Samantha Stansbridge.

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