Feature wall with 3M Command.

Recently I received a selection of 3M Command pictures Hanging strips and Hooks to try out at home, so last weekend I set about  creating a picture wall to complement my newly painted shelf unit that I've just finished in the living room.
We live in an old cottage with walls that range from plaster board partitions to very old plaster walls and none of them take kindly to having nails hammered into them, they just crumble away, so these hanging strips seem like the perfect solution for my walls.

Having tried out one frame for a couple of days first, just to make sure it didn't drop off the wall, (its still hanging)  I then went on to create the feature wall in the living room using the large strips on the dragonfly picture which is the heaviest,  and the medium ones  on the butterfly picture.  They are very easy to use, just peel and stick to the frame, press the fasteners together peel off command paper then position on to the wall and press firmly.  

The other great thing about them is that removing the strips is a simple process that doesn't damage the walls, unlike the  double sided stickers that I used previously to hang the form board mounted photos,   I now have a bit of touching up to do.  It goes without saying that I will be getting myself a pack of poster strips now to redo them!

For information on the 3M Command range, stockist and videos,  check out the website.

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  1. These products are very interesting. We have a cottage from 1850's in rural Finland and we have been a bit hesitant to hang pictures on the walls. These hanging strips might do the trick.


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