The perfect blogging companion...


It never ceases to amaze me how the simple introduction of a plant into a room adds life and personality, its the perfect finishing touch to a space, and the perfect blogging companion, (though talking to your plant and then waiting for an answer is probably a sign that its time to take a break) 

This little chap made its way into my  basket the other day while I was doing some shopping in M&S, and as I recently received a gift card from a friend I thought I'd treat myself.   I'm notoriously bad at looking after plants, I either over or under water them, but succulents are a little easier to care for, they will put up with a little bit of neglect before keeling over and  dying, and while searching for info on how to look after my new friend, I found  a couple of insightful blog posts here, and here.   

So... have you had any good conversations with your houseplants lately?

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