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All images originally  Ikea Family Live

Sometimes when doing a bit of snooping into other peoples homes, I'll come across one that I just keep coming back to, and the home of Caroline, Mikael and their son Elton, is just one of those lovely places.
I originally spotted it a while back on the old Ikea Family Live site, but its no longer there, and at the time I reposted on my old blog, but  today while going through old posts I decided to post it again here as its such a lovely home.

Firstly I love the light fresh and open feel about this space, white walls, high ceilings then there is the clever use of a black wall to help in disguising the TV.   I have a pet hate about a TV that takes centre stage in  a room, and this is a  great way of disguising it .
I also love the mix of textures, such as the concrete table with rustic baskets and sheep skins, and to add warmth, the addition of blonde wood against white and greys, and I'm just loving the family photos displayed up the stairs and landing.  Yes I think this will be a favourite for a while.  What do you think, do you like it?

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  1. Bright home interior designing and interior decoration! Like the interior furnishing very much!

  2. I like it very much! I have to admit I also sometimes do a bit of snooping into other peoples homes. I have 3 kids and very high ceilings this gives my house a very open feel which is very nice for my kids! The idea with the black wall and the TV is actually very clever I should consider that for in my house. I also try to have some natural influences in my house, for example I have a lovely teak wooden sidetable. Absolutely love how they made use of colors! I already have family photos displayed up the stairs, my kids love it and we keep adding new pictures every now and then!

  3. Very nice staircase as well. Simple, quite minimalistic. The gallery wall adds the needed dynamic to the otherwise plain staircase.


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