Creative Juices flowing.

Last week while at the charity shop I spotted an unopened new canvas going cheap, so decided to buy it with the view of creating a little something.  I haven't really done anything arty since leaving school, (unless you count making room displays in the Nursery for preschool children in my previous job)  so at the weekend I had a little try, and for my first attempt I'm pretty pleased with in.  Its also very therapeutic too, to be lost in the moment of creativity. 


  1. I love the blanked! And I love the flower touch!

  2. It's beautiful, well done! I love this kind of ombre effect in Art. Have you thought of a name for it? I see a stormy weather in it ;)

    1. thank you, yes, i too thought of something stormy, or stormy mist, something along those lines anyway. :-)


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