Making Bread.

I'm in the kitchen having a baking day today,  I've just got back from a weekend in france eating all the things I shouldn't french pastries and bread, and now my tummy is protesting, so I'm trying out a wheat free bread mix by Hale & Hearty.  I have to admit that I find most bread alternatives a bit disappointing they always have a real powdery textures to them which I dislike, but  I've tried their wheat and gluten free pancake mix before and that was a huge hit, so I thought I would give the Organic Multi-Seed Bread mix ago.  Its super easy to bake just had water to the mix, spoon into a loaf tin and bake for 1 Hour.

Do you have any healthy wheat free recipes that you particularly like?    


  1. Other food items i may skip but wheat cake or wheat bread I can't! They are just too good. Your bread/cake here looks so attracting :D

    1. I love bread and cakes too, unfortunately they don't love me back, so I'm always looking for tasty alternatives.


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