White Wood and Rustic.

I was asked recently how my office makeover is coming along, well the answer is, a bit at a time and very slowly, partly because it takes me so long to decide,  partly because I have other projects going on at the same time, and partly down to money, but basicly this is what I'm aiming for, something along these lines, white wood and rustic, with a touch of modern.

1. Magazine rack Sisters Guild 2&3 Bookshelf Wallpaper B&Q 4. Kartell chair Amara 5. Vinyl flooring Carpetright  6&7 IKEA

I'm hugely inspired by the home office of Daniella Witte, and as we live in an old crumbly falling down house in the country/outskirts of town, rustic seems to fit nicely with the house style.  

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