Beautifully styled for IKEA.

I'm a huge fan of IKEA and all the effort that goes into styling the room sets that you see when you pay a visit there, and I could quite happily take up residence in one of those rooms sets, but lets face it, when it comes to our own interiors, unless you are completely obsessive about them, chances are you don't have every item in your home from the fab Swedish store, and this is why I love the LIFE AT HOME website, I like to see true to life styling tips that can be used in our own homes with the stuff we already have, plus some carefully selected IKEA items, because while I love those rooms sets you see in store, I want my Ikea purchases to blend in with my home, and hopefully reflect my tastes as well.  I love the relaxed styling in the photos below, (styled by bloggers and stylist I know), 
but we all have little piles  of clutter and books around the home  that would benefit from a little styling. 

Pella Hedeby, interior designer / stylist for Life At Home

I love how stylist Pella Hedeby has topped off a little pile of books with a small side lamp, and added some fairy lights gently draped over the clip board, then placed a selection of items together in the bowl to keep them all together, a home for everything. 

Photo: Johanna Bradford, Aunt Johanna

In the above collection of photos by Johanna Bradford, its all about collections, collections of books, and bottles grouped together, with the added benefit of a basket for storage of things you don't want on display, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

In this photo above styled by Frida Eklund Edman, I just love the collection of twigs and feathers in a glass vase, so simple yet so eye catching. 

Frida Eklund Edman , for Livet Hemma

My IKEA wish list.
And here's my wish list for creating a cozy home this winter. LÅTER table Lamp, NORDRANA hand made  baskets,  GADDIS colored baskets,  VÄLBEKANT note book,  VÄLBEKANT clip board, CYLINDER vases, JUBLA  pack of 20 candles 

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