Inky Blue Black

Styling: Pella Hedeby Photographer: Sara Danielsson

The colour blue seems to be setting a mini trend at the moment, but  I'm currently loving this moody pallet of inky blue and black, not quite black and not quite blue, more like those ink blots I always use to end up with, on school work  when using a fountain pen.
Using the darker shade can create quite  a dramatic moody feel, but go a shade a two lighter and blue starts to lift the feel of a  room in a different way, its also more eye catching.  
The dark inky blues work really well when added to texture, such as fur, silks, and  velvet's that can take on a different shade when brushed with the hand or in different lighting, and have a very sumptuous  air about them. Blues used in plain flat material can feel a little cold, so mix it up a little with texture. 

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