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There is nothing I like more then visiting an interiors show, but  sadly I very rarely get the chance to travel to one, so today I'm taking a virtual tour by way of a few  Instagramers  and Facebook  and I'm checking out one of my favorite  brands, House Doctor who have been at the Formex fair this week.   I'm always a little excited when the new spring trends start to emerge, and wonder how each year designers manage to top the previous one, but my goodness they always do! 
Every Day 2015 feels fresh and inviting with an emphasis on hues of greens and greys, playing with shape, volume, sculptural details and offbeat art objects, I'm also noticing that green plants feature heavily this year, not only in the House Doctor range but interiors in general.  
What trends are catching your eye this year? 

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  1. I cannot wait to dig deep and kickoff utilizing resources that I received from you. Your exuberance is refreshing. interiƃ¸r


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