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My IKEA Sofa! 

A little while ago I managed to get  myself an Ikea Manstad sofa bed, (something difficult to get your hand on in my little part of the world I can tell you) and ever since its arrival I've been toying with the idea of getting some covers for it, firstly because as you can see we have cats who leave little paw prints all over the furniture, and second simply because I like to ring in the changes every so often, and covers would be a great way of doing this. 
So when the design-team at Bemz,  makers of designer covers for Ikea furniture got in touch with their trend report for 2015 I was already more than a little interested. 

Photo credit: “En Plein Air” palette by Pantone® 

Taking their cue from the colour palette of what we will be wearing in the spring/summer of 2015, as outlined here by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at the Pantone Colour Institute, the Bemz design team have recreated a palette using solid and patterned textiles from its collections, with a pure white sofa being hailed as the key component in the home for 2015, ideal for creating a quiet calm home in which to unwind. Of course with 250 fabrics available to choose from you don't have to just stick to white!

Photos Bemz 

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