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The house has been a bit of a mess over the weekend, we have had a handy man  in to do repairs to the window in my office/craft room, and while everything has been taken out of the room, I have used the opportunity to swap out, and change around some furniture,  and  having just bought a  little wardrobe in a charity shop a few days before, thought it would be perfect for my room.   I don't have an airing cupboard at home, and this little wardrobe will make the perfect place for storing towels and bedding in.  

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Having already given my little wardrobe a quick sand using my trusty little VonHaus Mulittool, that I wrote about here, I'm now looking for some colour ideas and options to paint it.   I thought I might paint it white to go with the walls that got a refresh over the weekend, but I'm loving the pink or and yellow option above. 

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