Stylish Wireless Charging From Fonesalesman

I wrote about wireless charging back in March, when Ikea launched their collection of products for keeping our gadgets fully powered up, and ready to spring into action quicker than you can say 'where's my charger', and if you were lucky enough to visit the 100% Design Show last week, you may have already discovered the latest in wireless charging technology from Fonesalesman, They recently announced the launch  of the stylish FurniQi Side Table, a beautiful bamboo table infused with wireless charging technology. You simply place any Qi wireless enabled device on the charging spot and you are ready to charge, no more hunting for, or rummaging through bags to find your charger at that crucial moment in your candy crush game or music download..

Personally I love the whole idea of a multi-functional and stylish  piece of furniture like this, and I've said this before, but will say it again, the idea of a wireless charging table would be so handy in hotels don't you think, I mean who puts their knickers in the bedside set of drawers anyway?  Put a wireless charging table there instead! 

As wireless charging gains popularity,  more up to date mobiles and devices  will  have Qi capacity built in, and Fonesalesman already have a selection of wireless chargers available, but for older mobiles you can add a receiver to the back of your phone which then enables your mobile  to use wireless charging.  Check out this page to see if your phone is compatible for a receiver 

The FurniQi range plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign next month (October 2015) and to find out more, just head to  to be kept up to date. 

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