Trend: Black Woodgrain Kitchens

I'm seeing a lot of black kitchens lately, from uber modern and very sleek, to raw and handmade. For me, what I love about them is the grain in the wood, and how it somehow stands out more when painted in black, wheater it be a high-end wood smoothed to perfection or a piece of  the cheapest Ply totally transformed, it keeps you connected to the origins of the material, wood in all its glory. 

The key to this look is to keep it simple, don't introduce too many other colours and materials, otherwise it will look  overpowering, I've seen people paint entire kitchens black and personally I think its overkill. Unless you have the height space and light in the room, I would stick to lower cabinets in black.  Simple lines work best. 
My favourite has to be the first one though I love the lighting arrangement in the last photo.  Would you consider a black kitchen.?

Industrial mix with traditional.

Uber sleek Kitchen and modern

Clean lines

Raw industrial kitchen.

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