Lets start the week with a touch of pink.

Stylist Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma

Stylist Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma

Stylist Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma

Source unknown, Pinterest 


I thought I would start the week with a touch of pink, Pretty and feminine, but not too over girly.   By adding just a hint to a mainly white interior, it becomes instantly softer and gives off a warm feeling like a gentle hug.   Incorporate it into a room using tactile linens or a  mohair throw, or even a strategically placed cardi (last photo) paint a notice board and use it as a backdrop for pretty photos and love notes, is the perfect partner for greys, and can be ever so  seductive when mixed with dark velvet grey with a hint of purple,   I utterly love the last interior, created by  Kamomilla  it has me day dreaming of dreamy music playing in the background while I lay on the bed plumped with soft pillows,  unwrapping a certain crumbly chocolate bar......


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  2. The subtle touch of pink is lovely. It really revives the whole interior. Great work!


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