Create a Bohemian / Traveller vibe

Wicker Tea Light  £5 Elephant £7-£10  Hurricane lamp £10 Triple wick candle £8.00

At the risk of sounding slightly repetitive, I've been to B&Q again (see here here and oh yes here,)  and spotted some more new items in our local DIY store which I'm loving, and in case you are wondering, no, I haven't been paid to go one about them, but I'm thinking of making myself a B&Q ambassador, haha  (it's my answer to IKEA here in Jersey, and if we had IKEA, I'd probably spend the other half of my time there too) I thought these pieces would be ideal if you wanted to add a hint of the bohemian / traveller vibe to your interiors. 

Unfourtunalty the Elephant had sold out already when I went back today to get it, but I did pick up the triple  wick  vanilla candle, which smells divine,  and the black wicker tea light, perfect for creating a little evening ambience.

Styling and photography by me!

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