last-minute winter/heading into spring shopping

I started the Monday Must Haves by accident really, never meaning for it to become a regular post, but it seems to have been a bit of a  hit both on the blog and on Facebook, so I think it will become a permanent feature  with a mix of fashion and things for the home.  today's post is inspired by a bit of last-minute winter/heading into spring shopping.

The weather over the weekend was surprisingly sunny but rather chilly in the wind, and I know that spring is just about to be upon us, but I treated myself to this Grey Roll Neck, wear with anything jumper in the online sales by Joules.  Its a soft cotton mix so  it will take me nicely into spring, and still keep out the chill.  For a pop of colour, I like the  Nailberry nail varnish which is a breathable nail varnish that lets air pass through, I'm tempted to try this out as I suffer from brittle flaky nails that don't do too well coated in nail varnish normally.  I love this pink one called A Smart Cookie, perfect for the spring.

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