Kitchen Envy

I am  currently suffering from a really bad dose of kitchen envy, mine is currently in a terrible state, due to the fact that the heating system sprang a leak, kitchen units, washing machine, and the dishwasher had to be pulled  out of the way to get to the pipes, only to discover that the dishwasher had also been slowly leaking too.

So I'm looking at it thinking now is a good time to rip it out and redo it, the only problem is although the heating has been sorted out, the budget is none existent for anything else.   So in order to do it on the cheap, I had been looking out for a second hand one on selling/gifting pages, and I found one that I was sure I could work  with only for it to slip through my fingers. Oh, it never rains but it pours! 

Anyway, with the power of Pinterest here is kind of what I had pictured in my mind for the units that got away.   And if  you live in Jersey and have a kitchen that fits the description below, that you want to get rid of, you will think of me won't you?  I live in hope. 

  Pinterest Source unknown 

Pinterest source unknown 

Daniella Witte


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  2. This kitchen is beautiful, i hope everything worked out with what was wrong in your kitchen


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