The Weekend In Photographs

We arrived in St. Malo on Friday at 11.00 am but didn't make it out of the harbour until much later that day,   Long story short, my daughter was transporting snakes to be rehomed in France, but  a mix-up with the paperwork meant that the French customs decided to hold us until 4.00pm!  The Jersey end had given us  incorrect documents for entering France with snakes, and the French didn't like it, so after  few phone calls to and from Jersey, a fine of 280.00 Euros, and a photo shoot of said snakes with what seemed to be the entire  French customs department, we finally got on our way at around 4.00 pm!  

We arrived at IKEA just after 5.00pm which seemed to be a really great time to shop because it was virtually empty and I have never known Ikea to be that quiet!  Perfect for taking  a few photos on my phone, for inspiration later. 

This sofa is now on my wish list, it's actually very comfy, I like the traditional feel of it but with an updated edge to it.

This photo collection caught my eye, something I might try out at home.

Images taken on Samsung Mini 3 Styling IKEA

I also managed to get most of the items on my shopping list, with a couple of exceptions, but all in all, I am pretty pleased with my little IKEA bundle of goodies that I bought, and totally enjoyed browsing around the room sets getting ideas and inspiration. 

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