Turn an old Photo Frame into a Marble Tray.

Some old photo frames destined to be chucked out got a reprieve the other days, it was a nice sunny day outside and I was in the mood for a DIY project so out came the spray paints and these embarrassingly hideous old frames got a makeover.

While messing around with the camera and creating a mini 3D flat lay, I noticed how nice the frame looked against  the marble effect board  and decided to cover the hardboard from the photo frame in marble effect contact paper to create a mini tray, perfect for those moments when you need a nice backdrop for a quick photo shoot as you do. 

Photography and styling Samantha Stansbridge

I used Rust-Oleum for this makeover, and spraying with a primer is a good idea to get a nice even coating, I'm also a fan of Plasti-Kote spray paint also which leaves a nice finish I find.


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  2. What a brilliant idea and it looks so effective. I am also very envious of how good you are at creating flat lays. I always try but fail miserably :-) x

    1. Thank you, Pinterest is a great source of ideas and inspiration for this, check out this link


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