Travel Outfit.

So as I mentioned yesterday, I'm off to Cornwall for two weeks to visit family (Yah)  and have a bit of a holiday, the boat tickets are booked with Condor Ferries (travelling Ocean Traveller for a bit more comfort for the 4 hour journey)  the bags are more or less packed, everything is sorted and its' just my travel outfit to sort out,  I hate travelling at the best of times and as I'm going to be spending a large part of the day sitting down,  I want to be comfortable, so it's comfy worn in cropped boot cut jeans, stripe top for that holiday vibe, light parka, flats, something to read, and lip balm, because my lips always dry out when I travel. 
My Husband has packed his travel DVD player also to watch some films, and I might download a film to the Ipad, but iCloud has them  held to ransom at the moment, (am I the only one who can't figure out what iCloud does?)  Hopefully we might get some nice weather witha trip to The Eden Project,  and I'll share some photos to Instagram 


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