French Chic with La Redoute.

French Chic
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Recently I was contacted by the catalogue La redoute to ask if I would like to participate in their competition to become a brand ambassador for the company, who have recently launched a new inspirational fashion guide dedicated to the Secrets to French Style.
 Unfortunately on reading the terms and conditions I can't apply as its not open to people living in the Channel Islands, but as France is just a hop skip and a boat ride away from Jersey,  and with the added bonus of having family and friends there,  we take advantage of visiting regularly, and as I'm always in awe by how the French can make even a simple outfit look effortlessly chic, I thought I would indulge in a bit of detective work and try to uncover just how they do it, so I asked a few of my friends what stood out to them about french style and here's  what they said, top of the list and coming in as favourite,  'Black and white striped t-shirts, berets,  garlic round the neck carrying a baguette', Okay I think someones been watching too much of Allo Allo, but we get what you mean.  After getting them back on track, Coco Chanel and her little black dress was favoured   followed by;
  • Tailored  clothes
  • Black and white striped t-shirts and berets.
  • Black lace (my son-in-law said this and I'm pretty sure he was thinking underwear) 
  • Simple understated
  • Small, thin & Tight!  (This one made me laugh thanks Daniella)
  • Tailored jackets over designer dresses
I'd have to agree with them all, even the 'Small, thin, and Tight' Statement, but I think there is more to it  than just the clothes, its about how they carry themselves, and present themselves, and I think this is the key to French style, so if you want to capture that chic french style here are a few tips that I have come up with.

  • Firstly its all about the way you carry your self, confident, walk tall, elegant, other people slouch, french woman drape, do you know what I mean?
  • Second, take care of your skin and body, its true that Chic French women are small, thin and tight, (of course there are always the exception), in general  they are slender and well toned, great clothes need a great structure on which to sit. 
  • Thirdly, in order for your clothes to look great  you need a good foundation, once you have the well toned body, your secret weapon is great underwear, yes I'm talking french knickers!  we don't want any vpl's to spoil the finishing look, good supportive underwear will give you a clean silhouette.
  • Fourth,Your  hair shouldn't be too neat, ever so slightly messy, almost verging on the just got out of bed look. Makeup should be understated and natural, french women enhance their natural beauty. 
  • Fifth, the wardrobe, great basics are the key on which to build on, you need the little black dress, black pencil skirt, great fitting jeans, assortment of t shirts including the classic stripe t, white shirts, good quality fine knit jumpers, a blazer, trench coat, ballet shoes, mid heel black shoe, casual shoes such as converse.  Then add statement pieces, leather bag, watch, a scarf is a must, and belts.

So there you have it, a few tips to steal from the French to help you look chic at all times.  It might take a bit of effort but just think of the compliments you'll get! 

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