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I was very lucky to win a shopping spree recently  in the form of a gift card  with, (thank you guys), so I have been eagerly looking through the website to see what takes my fancy.  Boasting over 200 of the world’s most luxurious home fashion brands, there are certainly plenty of things to catch my eye, but with some  of my favorite brands in there, and some new found ones,  and with the aid of the wish list tool (that you can share) I have managed to limit myself  to  a short-ish list.

I've already received the lovely Bloomingville chair and rug, (delivered super fast, beautifully packaged,  and an extra bonus for Channel Island shoppers, they remove the VAT) so I'll probably be spending the long weekend plumping, fluffing, arranging and rearranging furniture and taking lots of photos! 

Butterfly chair Bloomingville £219.00
Diamond lamp Pols Potten  £165.00
Light cord set Vita Lighting £9.00
Rug Bloomingville £149.00
Tea towel set Bloomingville £22.50
Silver and white tray Nordal £29.00
Round Shelf Unit Bloomingville  £129.00

P.S Amara didn't ask me  to write this post, I just thought I would. :-)


  1. Hey Samantha.
    This is such a great post, hope you are enjoying all the gorgeous products.

    1. thank you I am, still got a bit of shopping left to do yet though, my list keeps getting longer! :-)


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