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 Images Studio Esinam
Image B&Q

A little while ago I was rummaging around in  second hand shop when I came across some architectural drawings of buildings which I thought would be great  framed and hung on the wall, but unfortunately the guy wanted a little more than I was prepared to pay, so the drawings and I parted company. 
Fast forward a few months and keep spotting  Architectural prints  and drawings here and there,  such as the ones above, firstly   from Studio Esinam, who are producing a series of prints and stories  that explore   the unique feelings of various cities around the world, and just the other day day while checking out new stuff at my local B&Q the print of London. 
I quite like prints of buildings and streets and  I already have a French street scene in my living room here, what do you think, are you a lover of buildings and architectural prints, which one would you go for? 

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