Ever have days like this?


Saturday was a glorious sunny day here in Jersey, blue skies and warm sunshine.  My daughter and I kick started the day with a power walk around the lanes to get the blood pumping and some fresh air in our lungs, then inspired by the onset of spring coming, I decided to have a little swap around in the house.  
It hasn't  felt right for a while now, basically we bought a second hand IKEA sofa bed  for the living room, for when we have guests stay (namely my daughter and her husband)  with the intention of getting rid of the old sofa, but to be perfectly honest, even though I love how the IKEA sofa looks, its not that comfy and everyone gravitates towards the old on so we kept it, which then meant we had too much furniture in the living room, so the white units (Seen here & here) have made their way into my office,  and I spent the weekend moving and arranging pictures and stuff on and over the units.  
Still not sure if its right.. Arrrgh!  ever have days like this?

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