Copper Blush 2015 Trend

Ikea Life at Home  Photo: Frida Eklund Edman

Stylist Linda Ahman

Hanna's Room Photographer Pär Olofsson

The colour Marsala might not of rated  highly on my colour  radar as mentioned the other day, but I am rather taken with the Copper/Blush trend for 2015 as chosen by Colour Futures.   Having just got home from town, I can tell you that its all over the shops as far as fashion is concerned, lovely peachy/coral T shirts and tops aplenty, personally  I love wearing this colour as its very flattering to my freckly completion and reddish hair, it always makes my hubby smile when I wear this colour, but I don't think he has made the connection yet, I'll keep this secret  with you and me..

Used as a colour in the home for decorating with, I think its a colour you can really have fun with, add a burst of colour at the end of a hallway, or use it to define a work area, it combines perfectly with pinks neutral's whites, pale blue/grey;s  and other orange hues, and sets coppers and metallic's off beautifully.  Use it with geometric shapes to give it a modern vibe, or just add a splash using accessories around the home.

For more colour trends and to learn how these trends are decided check out the Colour Futures video above. 


  1. Great pics :) I like copper orange, but haven't used is so far

    1. I've used copper around the home, but love the peach colours in clothes.


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