Introducing Wireless Charging From IKEA.

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This, I think is a pure stroke of genius from IKEA, lamps and side tables with built in wireless  ability to charge your  smart phone, I've lost count of how many times I have had to go in search of my charger, someone borrows it, or I've absentmindedly put it down in another room - and wouldn't  these be great in hotel rooms too! no need to pack your charger when you go away.  I've never though to IKEA as cutting edge when it comes to technology, but I really like this idea, and the pieces blend in with the home to, they don't look gadgety or techie either which I love.

So far the series consist of  VARV Table lamp,  VARV Floor lamp  RIGGAD Work lamp  NORDLI Bedside table   SELJE Bedside table, all  with wireless charger, then there are the  NORDMÄRKE Single pad with wireless charger and  the NORDMÄRKE Triple pad with wireless charger.
There is also the option to build a wireless charger into your furniture and worktops, the JYSSEN Wireless charger seen below. 

Available from Mid April in stores and online, but you will need a smartphone that supports wireless charging (Qi) check your phone for detail, it may just need switching on. 


  1. this looks very cool , i want one of them :D

  2. Such a smart idea from Ikea, these will for sure sell!

  3. I know right? great to have a couple dotted around the house!


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