Nw blog Column, The Round Up No. 1

Okay, so this is going to be a new blog post called The Round up. (not sure if it will be weekly of monthly, we'll see how it goes) It will be a sort of round up post, sharing some of the emails that I get during the week, plus interesting stuff found on the internet with regards to Homes and Interiors, all condensed into one post, new products, interesting events and anything else I think is worth a mention or catches my eye, so without further ado I'd like to introduce my first round up: 

Images woodsy bond

Woodsy Bond, a boutique wallpaper design studio created my Emily, has recently released a collection of wallpapers called Blends, a collection derived from natural plant dyes, and made in panels of 12-foot lengths to accommodate taller ceiling heights and to allow for customized placement of the art. The panels can be hung with the color at the top or at the bottom, depending on your preference and space. 

images One Must Dash 

One must dash proudly presents the latest addition to the photographic range A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE.

Images Clipping.com 

If you want to spend some serious cash on a chair, then the Concord Low Backed Lounge chair, Inspired by and named after the legendary passenger plane, might be for you, this swivel chair byStouby boasts a sharp and streamlined look, and is available from clippings.com

Everybody wants their home to smell nice, but now you can relax with the new cutting edge Premium Aroma Diffuses, by Ashleigh & Burwood. The Scent Hubs light up, make your home smell lovely, and a couple of them also have integrated Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to add music to the ambiance.

Images Vipp

The Vipp Collection, 'Anniversary White' is released this month, and takes us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a revival of the original Vipp white – the very first color chosen by Vipp founder Holger Nielsen in 1939, who this year would have turned 100 years old. 

The 24th of April, sees a new limited edition collection of artwork being released by IKEA, they invited 12 street art artists/artist teams from all over the world to create 12 unique posters in different styles and expressions to suit different homes of today, this black and white one being my personal favorite so far,not so sure of the others, but you can view a sneak peek here, any catch your eye? 
And finally, do you remember the days when It use to be easy to buy a light bulb? ever stood in the light bulb section of the DIY store and been totally confused? yes me too! well, this video might be just watt (hahha) you need. In this short video, Andrew delivers 5 tips on how to comprehend the information displayed on LED lighting product packaging.... 
Hope you liked my first round up post, anything catch your eye?

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