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Photography Anders Bergstedt all images  55 Squares 

Have you noticed a trend in small space living lately?  either by choice or just making the most of what you have,   small spaces are getting some serious loving.   Recently a new series on Channel 4 called Tiny House Nation aired, where people are downsizing to tiny homes, and I notice that other bloggers too are posting about small homes.   Igor writer of  Happy interior blog has had me fooled for ages with his lovely styling and photography of his home, when he does indeed live  in a shoe box, a very stylish one I might add, and check out the small space of  Emelie Ekborg blogged about on Decor8 recently, its even got me thinking of how I use my space at home!

Which brings me to another new discovery, 55 squares,  is an estate agents in the East Center in Gothenburg that combine interior styling with selling property, small property, hence the name, although they do sell bigger and smaller homes.  This property above is 65 square meters, but it still looks bright and airy and has a lovely flow to the space.  I love the use of the different lighting in each room, a chandelier in the living room along side  festoon cable lights around the window,   mixing vintage and modern, and the use of those hanging copper lights in the kitchen add warmth. 
The feeling of space is maximized with the clever use of furniture, for example all the furniture has legs, giving a clear space  underneath creating the illusion of flow air and space, the table in the kitchen is long and thin, still plenty of space to entertain friends, but the shape helps draw the eye through.  Its these little tricks that help a small space feel bigger. I just love this whole look. 

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  1. Lovely photos and a great insightful read, makes it look so easy to transform small spaces in to something that doesn't end up looking cluttered. I have one box bedroom in need of re-decorating, I have been looking at an ottoman from but initially decided to not go with a leg option but after reading your post I think i'll have to get feet with it and get a divan bed with legs. Thank you for great tips! Jenny x


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