Plant Gifts for Friends.

For April's  Urban Jungle Bloggers edition, the idea is to offer a plant to a friend,  so I have taken a snippet of mint from my garden and given it to my friend who invited us around for dinner.  As it turned out it was the perfect gift for a foodie who loves to cook with herbs grown in the garden, and the one she was missing from her garden was mint! 

There is something so very rewarding in cooking with something you have grown your self, even if it is just a few herbs from the garden, windowsill, or balcony  herb box, and there is a growing trend, not only in green plants in the home, but also in growing food at home, no matter how small an area you have.  Even if you don't have green fingers, you'll find growing herbs so easy, the only problem you'll have is eating them quicker than they can grow! 

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