Going Nude.

Caramel Cupcake by Rimmel.

Nail art might be all the rage, but personally I prefer something a little  more chic, chic and simple, and easy to achieve because I can just about manage to paint two coats of varnish on my nails without my fingers looking like they have been caught in a blender, and the colour nude (in this case Caramel Cupcake by Rimmel) is very forgiving. 
A tip I picked up from my daughter is to paint your dominant hand first, in other words, if you are right handed, paint your right hand first, then your left, it's something to do with how the brain works apparently, in any case it works for me, most times... 

The Nude look, looks set to be a big trend going into 2016,  with barely there makeup and colours being the order of the day, check out the Dare to Bare Nude Collection by Kate Moss for Rimmel.

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